Education, School admittance, Support activities 

 School Admittance Guidance
 This is for parents and guardians who have children with foreign nationality.
 What do they think about their children’s High School Admittance?
 With the cooperation from Fuji City Board of Education and the School Education Division,
 FILS offers an annual School Admittance Guidance aiming to give information and advice
 for foreign national students to go on to High School.
 A lot of foreign residents tend to leave school after finishig Junior High School,
 because of their language ability and lack of knowledge about educational systems.
 However, having these problems, it is highly recommended for them to enter High School
 to have a better lifestyle here.
 In this guidance, following aspects are explained in easy words.
   ・ Japanese educational system
   ・ Scholastic ability required to take entrance examinations
   ・ Schedules
   ・ All the expenses from the entrance examinaions to whole three years of high school
 Translators are available.
 Practical interview sessions for the children are available, too.
 Every year, 10 to 40 foreign people of 3 to 16 families mainly from Central and South America and Asia
 attend this Guidance.
 Some foreing children actually went on to high school.
 3rd graders of Junior High School and thier parents/guardians are of course,
 younger then 3rd graders are also welcome!
 The earlier you prepare to enter high school, the better result you get.
 Father, mother, brothers and sisters, all the family members think about school admittance.
 Parents meeting
 Parents and guardians who have children with foreign nationalities
 must notice the big differences between the school in thier country and in Japan as soon as they come to Japan.
 Their children have to cope with the school where everything is new to them.
 They also have to meet new friends and learn all the subject
 even though they have a little konwledge about the new language.
 It’s not weird for foreign children to be bewildered and be clueless.
 Through the Meeting, FILS tries to support parents and guardians so that
 they could share their worries and needs.
 FILS also tries to give some advice so that their children get used to their new school life as soon as possible.
 FILS started this project when it started in 2002.
 Since then lectures, counseling, video screening and symposiums for foreign children have been held.
 Currently, the meeting is held in Portuguese and Spanish.
 Recent subjects in the meeting are as follows.
 "Talk about your children in your mother language"
 "Differences in words and phrases between in everyday life and in studies"
 "How to see The Report Card and learning methods"
  Inquiries regarding the school.
  Knowing about Junior high school studies.
 It's a good chance to talk about the children’s school life and studies in mother language.
 Would you like to come and join the meeting?
 "The stroke order is very important in writing kanji"
 "Hmm, I see."
 "Ok mommies! Let’s try and answer elementary school tests!
 "Hmm, It's not easy!"
 Summer School
for foreign school children
 This is a Summer School to support foreign school children.
 Focusing on the summer holiday homework, the volunteer teachers teach the children what they want to learn.
 A teacher handls up to two children and carefully guide them in their studies.
 Volunteer teachers of all ages from high school students to seniors are from Fuji city and neighboring area.
 Classes are held in three places, Fujimidai Elementary School, La Hall Fuji, and Koryu Plaza.
 The two-week-course are held in the morning or in the afternoon of the last week of July and the first week of August.
 Koryu Plaza Site                               La Hall Fuji
 "I do not kno〜w"   "Let's do it"                   High school students work very well as volunteer teachers.

 "It's very warm!"  They are fanning with a Uchiwa.
 Any high school and college students and adults who want to help foreign school children on their summer homework, please ask at FILS for detailed information in July.
 For parents and guardians who have school children with foreign nationality;
 the children could complete their summer homework and then, they could learn subjects which they want to learn.
 Application can be made through the children's school.
 Why not let them to join Summer School?

 HIRAGANA TAMAGO Class for new elementaly scool children

  This is a course to learn HIRAGANA for foreign children who is going to elementary school in April.
 The course is held every Sunday afternoon from December to March every year.
 "We are learning HIRAGANA and we are going to be the 1st graders in elementary school.
 Lecturers for Cross-cultural understanding

 FILS sends foreign Nationals to elementary, junior high and senior high school and other community centers upon their request.
 They visit there and introduce their own culture such as language, food, games and clothes.

 Philipino lecturers acted for the cross-cultural understanding class at elementary school.
 "Will you point out the Philippines?"
 "It's Philippine style! I ate Philippine rice with my hands. It's so Nice!"
 "We are trying Philippine dance! It's Fun!"

 A cross-cultural understanding class at junior high school.
 "They showed Thai culture. Their national coustumes are so beautiful!"
 "I showed Mongolian culture."
 "The students are fascinatied by the beautiful sound of the Mongolian folk instrument, Matouqin.
 The Volunteers Workshop
 to Support Foreign Residents

 In this is workshop, volunteers think together how they could support foreign residents.
 Volunteers are both Japanese nationals and foreign nationals.
 Until now, themes like "Cross-cultural understandings", "Operation of the local disaster prevention networks"
have been discussed in this workshop.