What is FILS?

 FILS is ....
 This is formally named Fuji International Lounge for Sharing in English and it is called FILS.
 It is also considered as International Exchange Section of Multiculture and Gender Equality Affairs Division in Fuji City Hall.
 (Fuji Shiyakusho, Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Ka, Kokusai Koryu Shitsu)
 FILS aims for a multicultural symbiotic society.
 This means that both Japanese and foreign people live together as Fuji citizens not as different people,
 trying to make everyone understand the different values from different nationality, race and culture,
 while respecting each other.
 You walk into the main entrance of Fuji Koryu Plaza, turn right at the reception desk, then FILS is in front of you.
 "Welcome to FILS, here is the entrance.
   "Please do not hegitate to come into our office"
 "Decorations and Ornaments with international atmosphere are welcoming you."
 The hall is a rather spacey than a general office.
 Japanese language lessons and consultations are held in this room.
 Staff and volunteers also do their work for Japanese classes, events, and other activities.
 The reception counter is right side of the entrance door and FILS staff welcomes you.
 "Hello, how can I help you? "
 Please ask at the reception counter for: 
 Translations and Consultations,
 Applications for Japanese(NIHONGO) Classes, Events, and other Activities.

  Office Hours

 Tuesday to Friday    13:00 to 21:00
 Saturday and Sunday  10:00 to 18:00

 Regular staff attends everyday and the language staff attends depends on the designated day.

 Tuesday    Chinese
 Wednesday  English
 Thurasday  Phlippine (Tagalog)
 Friday     Spanish
 Saturday   Portuguese
 Sunday    Spanishi & Portuguese

 Closed      Sunday, Bank Holidays, Year end and New Year holiday
 Approximately 5 minutes walk from JR Fuji station North Exit/Entrance (KITA GUCHI).
 On the first floor of Fuji-shi Koryu Plaza
 Detailed map → 
 Parking:Koryu Plaza parking lot.
 Get your parking ticket stamped at the FILS reception counter and then show the ticket at the Koryu Plaza reception desk
 so you can avail the two hours free parking service.
 Parking for longer than two hours will be charged so please let the FILS staff knows when you want to park for long hours.
 FILS works in two main categories ;
 One is "Consultations by regular and language staff" and the ohter is "Events and Activities by Volunteer Staff".
 Please check and see the Volunteer page for the Volunteers' works.
 1.Consultations are taken by regular/language staff for foreign residents.
 2.Translations and explanations of official documents by language staff are available.
 3.FILS supports foreign regidents by running Japanese language classes.
 4.FILS supprts foreign school children to learn.
 5.A variety of International Exchange Events are organised by FILS
 6.Various information regarding to international exchange and relationship are collected and provided by FILS.


 Staff of Fuji City Hall(Fuji shiyakusho), Multiculture and Gender Equality Affairs Division, Kokusai Koryu Shitsu is in charge.
 Two full time staff
 One language staff is in charge everyday in shifts
 Monday    Closed
 Tuesday    Chinese Langage Staff
 Wednesday  English Language Staff
 Thursday   Philippine (Tagalog) Language Staff
 Friday     Spanish Language Staff
 Saturaday   Portuguese Language Staff
 Sunday    Spanish or Portuguese Language Staff

 Please check and see the Volunteer page for the Volunteers' works and activities.

  FILS History
Year 2000  Over 4,400 foreign residents from 42 different countries had been living in Fuji-shi.
 It was said that a place where Japanese people and foreign residents mix with was necessary.
 So, the members of International Exchange Volunteer Groups in Fuji-shi realized that to set up an organization which worked for international relationship was essential.
January 2000   A group made of members from volunteer groups was organized to set up Fuji International Lounge for Shareing.
 Fuji Association for Internatinal Relations and fifteen International exchange volunteer groups in Fuji-shi and neoghbouring areas got together to talke about it.
 They requested to Fuji Local Government that a sysetm to support foreign residents and a place where volunteers met together for their activities was necessary.
 They considered how Fuji International Lounge for Sharing should be for one and half years after the request.
August 2001  The proposal concerning Fuji International Lounge for Sharing was submitted to the Mayor of Fuji and
the chairman of Fuji Association for International Relations.
 Working towards its opening for 2002, topics such as location, system, and actual works were discussed.
April 7, 2002   Fuji International Louge for Shairigng started at an office in previous Fuji Shimin Center.
July 2003  The First Issue of FILS LETTER was published.
April 2004  Previous Fuji Shimin Cener was to be re-built, and FILS moved into a space at Yoshiwara Shopping Mall.
 Staff of FILS kept working in the redecorated space.
 FILS became popular among people in Yoshiwara Shopping Mall, and foreign residents.
April 2008  FILS moved into the North space in newly constructed Fuji Koryu Plaza, previous Fuji Shimin Center.
 Koryu Plaza has facilities including a library, cafe, meeting room, large hall.
 It became accessible because of a big parking space.
Year 2011  The number of visitors, consultations and Japanese language classes have increased.
 Since then the latest information was started to sent through internet.

Number of visitors
 Year 2002  2506 People
 Year 2003  3572
 Year 2004  3089 ←Moved into Yoshiwara
 Year 2005  3531
 Year 2006  3653
 Year 2007  4457
 Year 2008  5210 ←Moved into Fuji Koryu Plaza
 Year 2009  6583
 Year 2010  6109
 The number of visitors has been increasing in the past years.
 Through the FILS events and some publicity works, FILS is trying to let a lot more people know FILS, use FILS and support FILS.