Volunteer Activities

 FILS’ activities and events are supported by volunteers.
How do they organise their work?
How new volunteer staff join their work?
 Let's see how they work.

System and works of voluteers
  Management Committee
 This commitee proposes, prepares and presents FILS’ annual activity plan.
 Staff members are mainly from International Exchange Volunteer Groups in Fuji City and neighbouring areas.
 Some members are individual volunteers.
 This Committee decides FILS’ activities and events.
 The three special groups actually work under the management committee.
 They are Public Relations(Koho Bu), Cultural Affairs(Bunka Koryu Bu) and Support&Training(Shien Ikusei Bu).
  Public Relations Group(Koho Bu)

 They hold monthly meeting on every first Tuesday.
  This group is in charge of FILS’ public relation activities, and publishes FILS Letter (FILS Dayori) four times a year.
 Also is in charge of management of the FILS Homepage.
  Cultural Affairs Group (Bunka Koryu Bu)

 They hold monthly meeting on every third Tuesday and are in charge of organizing multi-cultural exchange events.
 They actively perform events, project planning, and negotiate and communicate with external personnel.
 UTA★GOE (once a year)
 Aiming to develop good international exchange and sharing between cultures through songs, music and dances from different countries.
  Year End Party  An anual international potluck party.
  Japanese Home-cooking class 
 This is a class for foreigners who wants to learn Japanese home-style cooking.
  Support and Training Group (Shien Ikusei Bu)

This group hold six meetings per year.
Engages in activities like lifestyle support for foreign residents and help to promote foreign children’s education.
This group aims that all ages of foreigners have good education, jobs and live in Japan independently.
  School Admission Guidance   This is for foreign school children and their parents/guardians.
The Educational Committee gives a lecture regarding Japanese High School Entrance Examination System.
 Practical advice on interviews and the grading system could be given.
  Guardians and Parents Conference Meeting  This is a place where discussions about child care and education can be held in Portuguese and Spanish.
 Explanations of the report cards and other rules and regulations about Japanese style school.
  Foreigners Assistance Workshop   This is a Trainig Session focusing on the Volunteers' work. Volunteers learn useful activities, information and skills to support foreign people.
 Topics of the session is from“Inter-cultural understanding workshop” to “Community Disaster Prevention Network Making” and “Understanding the Neighborhood Association (Chonaikai)”.
  Events planned and organaized together with FILS and volunteers.
    Speech Contest in Japanese language
      Foreigners living in and around Fuji-shi compete with their speeches in Japanese language.
      FILS and volunteers support the contestants.
    THe international dance group "TEAM FILS" join Fuji Kaguya Hime Festival
    ,"Nihongo Classes" A wide range of Japanese language classes for foreign people are always welcome you.
           Personal lessons and small group lessons are available.
           Lesson schedules could be flexible.
           Why not learn everyday Japanese conversation with other foreign people in a group
           Children who are entering SHOGAKKO, an elementary school, next April, learn HIRAGANA
People who are wishig to become Volunteer Japanese Language Teachers can learn in this course
            This is for experienced Volunteer Japanese Language Teachers
            This is to supprt foreign school children on homework for summer holiday
  Volunteer Groups who take part in FILS

      FILS is spported by International Volunteer Groups in and aroud Fuji-shi
  The Fuji Association for International Relations  ←LINK
  Fuji-shi Japan-China Friendship Association 
  Hippo Family Club 
  Fuji Civitan Club
  Fuji Nihongono Kai 
  Kurubino Do Brazil
  Kokusaikoryu no WA 
  Escola Fuji
  Earth-Kids Net
  FILS always welcomes new volunteers.

Would you like to work with FILS Volunteer Staff?
Does anyone want to work for international events?
Does anyone want to teach Japanese language to foreign people?
Does anyone want to perform dance, martial arts, musical instruments, or sing songs from all over the world?
Japanese, foreigners, students, or workers, anyone and everyone is welcome

Do you feel a little nervous on volunteer work?
Do not be shy!

Volunteers Introductry class is available.
Ask for more detailed information at the reception in FILS.

 *Japanese Language Classes for foreign people are always available.