International Exchange Events 

 FILS runs various kinds of international and intercultural events.
 Japanese people and foreign residents,
 They both can get to know each other through the social interaction.
 And this is the first step of multicultural symbiosis.
 Setting aside the difficulties,
 why not come and try local international exchange events?
  The latest events schedule is showed in the followings.
    FILS LETTER published in April, July, October, and January
    Koho Fuji published on 5 and 20 day of every month
    FILS Blog (FILS Web Page)
 UTA ★ GOE is planned and runs by Cultural Affairs section
 It is an event for foreign residents who live in Fuji-shi to show their culture to Japanese people.
 Songs, dance, and music from all over the world is performed and attendances sometimes can try to do one of the performance and join activities.
 They also can try foreign style sweets, snack, and drink at the Tea Time.
 It is a place to mix with foreingn people in an interntional atmosphere.
 Sometimes high level performances and traditional Japanese music,dance, and other entertainment are showed.
 This is held twice a year, in Spring and in Autmn.
 No application nor fees are necessary.
 Just pop in and join the event!
 So far, there have been musical and dance performance from Thai, China, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippine, and Russia.
 UTA★GOE karaoke conpetition was held twice.
 Sometimes, traditional Japanese culture is also showed.
 For e.g. Musical performance by KOTO; Japanese Harp, Japanese tea ceremony, and Kimono dressing show
 She played Philippine musical instrument.            She played a Matoquin, a Mongolian musical instrument.
 They performed Peruvian dance with beautiful costume.    They tried Qigong and refreshed their bodis and minds.
 Traditional dance from Bali, Indonesia.                 Koto; the Japanese harps were played.
 Classical Japanese dance was perfomed.
 It is a first step of international exchange to see and to learn foreign culture. 
  Year End Party

  This is the Cultural Affairs Section presents the Potluck International Exchange Party!
 Dance & Musical performance by local & foreign residents were showed.
 ♪Hawaiian Hula Dance, an emage of everlasting summer      ♪Phillipine dance
 ♪Perivian dance in colorful costumes
 Free participation.
 No participation fee necessary.
 Please bring one dish for the party to share.
 Don’t miss this December’s Year End Party!
 Fuji Festival
 Civil Dance Parade

 Fuji festival is A Civil festival held every year on the 4th Sunday in July.
 A parade of Princess Kaguya; an ancient fairy tale story in Fuji-shi, and a lot of activities and performances by citizens are showed.
 Countless numbers of food stools are on the street and they make it a very live summer festival.
 FILS joins the civil dance parade as TEAM FILS which is the only international dance group in Fuji Festival.
 The parade is held at Aoba Street in front of Rose Theater.
 More than 2000 citizens dance the Fuji-shi local dances; "Fujibayashi” and “Fuji Samba” in their original costumes.
 TEAM FILS, with members of different nationalities,
  every year enjoy dancing altogether wearing different national costumes.
 The team was awarded the "Very Energetic" prize in 2010,
 and the "Wonderful Costume" prize in 2011.

   "We've got the VERY ENERGETIC prize!!"
   "Yes! We did it!!"
 Company trainees came from abroad also join the Festival.
   Everyone looks happy!!

 Why not join us and dance with TEAM FILS in Fuji Festival?
 Come and join us with TEAM FILS next year?
 Japanese Home Style Cooking Class
 This class is A Cooking Class only for Foreign Residents run by Cultural Affairs Section.
 "I do not know how I cook with Japanese cooking ingredients and seasoning"
 "I'd like to learn how to cook bacsic Japanese home-style cooking"
 If you think so, why not join our Japanese Cooking Classes?
 Professional cooking instructors teach how to cook Japanese home-style dishes.
 Dises cooked in this class....
  Chawan-mushi (Steamed egg hotchpotch), Chirasi-zushi(Scattered sushi), Oyako-donburi(Chicken and egg bowl),
  Tempra, Norimaki(Rolled sushi), Niku-jaga(Simmered meat and potatoes), Takikomi-gohan(Japanese style pilaf),
  Mame-gohan(Peas pilaf), Steamed white fish, and so on
 "This is our cooking instructr, Ms. ・・・・・・・" says a volunteer of Cultural Affirs Section.
 The instructor is also a volunteer.
 Womens of course, young guys and small children try to cook Japanese home-style dishes.
 They all work well.
 All the dishes look nice!
 " How is the taste?" "It's lovely!"
 Would you like to cook Japanese food for your families and friends?
 All your guests must be surprised at you! 
 Speech Contest in Japanese
 Started at the same time as FILS,
 Speech Contest in Japanese language
 by Foreign residents

 This is organized by Rotary Club of Mt. Fuji Yoshiwara and Fuji Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
 and cooperated by FILS.
 Every year, FILS volunteer staff play active role in this event.
 "Reception, preparations and management, this event is run mainly by volunteers."
 "We work as volunteers"
 "MC is also in charge of a volunteer staff"
 Applications are accepted in March.
 Twelve applicants who have passed through the 1st screening
 are entitled to making speech on the stage.
 The Winners of the contest are awarded.
 From School child to Senior,
 Newcomers to Permanent residents,
 Foreign citizens who have variety of backgrounds express their own point of view in Japanese language.
 Every year, they make such a impressed speeches that they never fail to give inspiration to the audience.
 "School children make good speeches in fluent Japanese language"
 "The Judges and the contestants"
 It is a good chance to listen to foreigners' opinion for Japanese people.
 It is a good chance to express their opinion for foreign citizens.
 Listning to their opinion each other.
 This is the first step of international relationship.

 "A lot of people turn up and listen to the speeches"
 International Relations Fair
 It is a big event for international relationship run by Fuji-shi local government at FUJISANMESSE
 This is held on the first Sunday in Feburuary.
 With an international atmoshphere, a number of foreign citizens from vorious countries join this event.
 Some groups of interntional relationship
in Fuji-shi and neighbouring areas display
their activities to appeal their works.
 They also sell small items, snack and sweets
and food.

 Exhibition of the culture of foreign countries
are impressive every year.
 On the stage,
 songs, dances, plays and shows from
 all over the world are performed.
  In FILS stall,
 Free Regal Consultations by Gyoseishoshi lawyers
 are run.
 Consultations on regal matters are ;
 VISA request
 International marriage
 To bring in family members from foreign countries.
 To cope with employment issues.
 This is the biggest event for international relationship in Fuji-shi area.
 Why not come and enjoy international atmosphere.
 FILS have organized some other events in the past years/
  FILS joined Fuji Fukushi Matsuri.
   The Brazillian BBQ, CHURRASCO was sold and Perivian dance was showed on the stage.
  The Rainbow Week
   An event of cross-cultural experience for school children in Summer holiday.
   Experienced a Festival from America, HALLOWEEN with elementary and junior high school students.
   With the Yoshiwara Honcho Shopping District’s cooperation, the children wearing costumes enjoyed doing Trick or Treat.
  Yoshiwara Gion Festival
 Volunteer staff dressed foreign citizens in Yukata.
  German Tea Party
 Introducing German Culture while holding a German-style tea ceremony.
  Speak foreign language.
 Persian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese and English
 Experiencing international exchange between Japanese and foreigners using different foreign languages.
 FILS always welcomes new initiatives, planning and management by volunteers.