Japanese Language classes for foreign people

  FILS Japanese Language Classes for foreigners whose main language is not Japanese.
 Children to Adults,
 Individual or Group,
 Foreigners who don’t know anything about Japanese language at all to for those who speak it well,
 Anyone who wants to learn reading and writing Japanese letters,
 Anyone who wants to take the Japanese Proficiency Test,
 All the classes could set up depending on personal request.
 The basic system is "to learn Japanese Language in Japanese Language".
 Volunteer Teachers who have completed the Japanese Volunteer Introductory Course and who have registered as volunteers at FILS.
 Please apply at FILS.
 FILS Nihongo Class
 It is the course for one to two learners to learn with a volunteer teacher.

 This is a ten-time course.
 One to one and half hours for one lesson.
 It costs only two thousand yen for materials, and the course could be taken up again by request.
 Lessons could be arranged according to learners' and teacher's convenience.
 This course could be taken alone, with friends, or with family members.
 Children to Adult
 Beginner to advanced level
 Learners can learn depends on their personal level.
 Apply first at FILS.
 Then, FILS tries to find a volunteer teacher who suits the learner's schedule and level.
 When a volunteer teacher has been found, FILS contacts the learner.
 The first lesson is to introduce each other.
 The teacher and the learner talk about their schedule and contents of lessons.
 The learner is requested to pay two thousands yen at the first lesson.
 When the learner is absent from the lessons, tell the teacher directly or make a call to FILS.
 "How am I a good boy to learn Japanese."
 "It is easy to arrange my schedule, thanks for the private tutrial lessons"

 "I am learning how to write Japanese"
 "Lessons are realy fun and enjoyable."
 "Not only fun or enjoyable. I am quite serious."
 "Names of places in Japanese are complicated."
 "We can learn with our family or friends."
 "Two thousands yen for a 10-time-course. It is a reasonable price"
 "I am learning for the Japanese Proficiency Examination."
  This is a ten-time-group lesson course to learn Japanese language.
 Usual conversation and everyday living method could be learnt.
 The fee is two thousands yen for a 10-time-course.
 Next schedule would be in the latest article in FILS blog or FILS LETTER.
 "We will try to work very hard!"

 "The assistant teacher also helps us to learn."
 Looks fun, and everyone is smilling.
 Japanese Volunteer Introductory Course

  This is a course to train volunteers who teach Japanese language to foreign people.
 Experienced Japanese teachers are in charge of the course.
 No need to speak foreign language.
 No experience of living abroad is required.
 This is a course to learn how teach Japanese in Japanese language.
 Anyone who wants to teach Japanese language is welcome.
 Why not try international exchange through Japanese-Language teaching?
 The total fee is two thousands yen and for the books.
 It is a ten-time course and the one-and-half-hours lesson is taken once a week.
 The course is run twice a year in Fuji-shi Koryu Plaza.
 The latest information is reported in FILS LETTER and Koho Fuji.
 When the numbers of applicants are over, members are decided in a drawing.
 Learners who have compledted this course are requested to teach Japanese to foreign people as a Japanese-Language Teacher.
 For more information, ask at FILS.
 "Experienced teacher is ready to teach the class"

 "The attendances are listening to the teacher."
 Step Up Course
 for Nihongo Volunteers

   It is a course for Nihongo Volunteers who have completed Japanese Volunteers Introductory Course
    and other experienced volunteer teachers to learn advanced level.
 Ideas of activities and teaching plans to give more interesting lessons can be shared between the teacher and attendances.
 Volunteers can talk each other about their worries and troubles from their real experience.
 This course is held once a year.
 The schedule is showed on FILS Letter and Koho Fuji.
 "They are the Nihongo Volunteers who regularly teach Nihongo to foreign people and
the reliable instructor Ms. K."

 "They always try to give more interesting and comprehensive lessons."